Platinum Exterior

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Hirshfield's Platinum Exterior™ has been formulated with the latest innovations available, including crosslinking technology. This special crosslinking technology provides a thick, continuous, flexible paint film that is guaranteed for life. Platinum Exterior™ will form a tough protective film that fights off the harshest of elements including rain, sleet , snow and damaging UV rays. Platinum Exterior's™ thick film allows it to bridge small gaps and hide minor surface imperfections, leaving a beautiful looking, virtually impervious finish. This coating can be applied over wood, wood shakes, brick, masonry, hardboard, vinyl, steel, aluminum, and cementatious type siding. It is not intended for use on horizontal surfaces such as decks, roofs, or floors.

  • Self Priming on most bare surfaces
  • One coat offers full protection on previously painted surfaces.
  • Thick, flexible finish hides minor surface imperfections and fills small cracks.
  • Innovative Cross-Linking technology won't crack peel or blister and provides surface protection against mold, mildew and algae.
  • Superior adhesion to wood,aluminum, vinyl,concrete and fiber cement board.
  • Low Temperature application for use down to 35° F.
  • Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind protection.
  • Environmentally Friendly Formula.

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