Interior Woodstain

MSRP: $ per gallon

Hirshfield's interior wood stains enrich the natural grain and beauty of wood and penetrates deeply for a luxurious finish.  Choose from a traditional oil-based finish or a modern water-based acrylic finish.  The interior water-based acrylic stain provides all the beauty of oil based stains without the harmful solvents. It dries quickly to a luxurious, rich finish and leaves no harmful odor or residue.

Use these interior wood stains on almost every new wood surface or for re-do jobs. It is excellent for use on interior doors, millwork, trim and cabinets. Do not use on exterior surfaces. When in doubt, test stain in a hidden spot to be sure the wood is properly prepared and compatible.  The surface to be stained must be clean and dry. Remove all grease, oil, dirt, wax etc. Sand new wood smooth. Do not apply this stain over sealed surfaces.


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