Pick the Best Color with Confidence

Kate Smith pick the best paint color at Hirshfields

Hirshfield’s Color Expert, Kate Smith, shares insight on how to pick a paint color with confidence!

You’re sick of the same colors in your home and are ready for something new, fresh and different. You’re rarin’ to start but aren’t sure exactly how and where to begin. What’s the first step? How do you know what the best color is for you and your home? Color expert Kate Smith has insight on how to pick the best color with confidence.

“Most people, I find, have a beautiful vision in their head of exactly what they want the room to look like,” says Smith. “They have a good idea—and it is a good idea. What they don’t know when they’re untrained [is] how to get that idea out of their minds and onto their walls.”

That’s why Smith recommends going directly to those people who are trained to give solid, helpful advice to homeowners. When you need interior paint tips, Hirshfield’s experts are an excellent source of information, guidance and insight for someone who wants to take their vision and make it a reality—or someone who simply wants to freshen the look in their home but aren’t sure where to start.

“If you work with an excellent paint professional in the store, [they] can show you what colors to go for. What we find is we’re attracted to those really pretty colors, the ones that always look so pretty on the swatch, but they’re not the ones that will give us the vision we have in our head and look best on our walls.”

Experts can help you achieve a well-balanced, put-together look. They’ll find out your goals for the space, what look and ambience you want to achieve, and help you pinpoint from there what will meet your vision and make it a reality.

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