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When you’re looking at how to dress up and cover your windows, the options can be endless.  One approach is to use blinds or shades as your window coverings to filter or even block out light.

Picture your favorite room, with lots of windows letting all that glorious light through. You don’t want those cords hanging all over the place!
The LiteRise cordless system is clean and uncluttered. You just push up to raise the blind or shade and pull down to lower it.  There are no cords to have hanging loose.

Duette Top-Down Bottom-Up with LiteRise
Country Woods with LiteRise

The cordless system is offered in several styles, from Duette Honeycomb Shades to wood blinds to the new Vignette®  Tiered Shade from Hunter Douglas.

Vignette Tiered with LiteRise

LiteRise shades are a great option if you have kids or pets in your home. A cordless system eliminates the risk of a child getting tangled in a hanging cord. According to the  CPSC, there are 120 reported fatalities and 113 injuries caused by corded window coverings since 1999.

Duette Duolite with LiteRise

Shannon Scarrella at the Roseville Hirshfield’s says the Vignette®  Tiered Shade is not only cordless, but it also has no exposed cords in the back to pose a safety risk. The truly cordless system has earned the Vignette®  Tiered Shade awards in both safety and design.

Vignette Tiered with LiteRise

Shannon says no matter which style of LiteRise shade you choose for your home just make sure you can reach your cordless LiteRise shades when they’re up!

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