Hirshfield’s Designer Feature: Meet Kathy!

Hirshfield’s Design Studio in Minneapolis is home to not only some of the most delicious eye candy the interior design world has to offer, but it is also home to some of the most experienced and creative design professionals in the Twin Cities. Those design professionals being Kathy, Greg, Julia, Becky, Julie, Jean and Meropi. All of them are more than happy to answer your design questions, but we thought it would be fun to turn the spotlight on them and ask them a few questions!

Kathy, Hirshfield’s Design Studio

Today, get to know Kathy, Manager, Buyer and Colorist at Hirshfield’s Design Studio. You’ve probably seen Kathy’s name pop up in a few blogs as we’re always asking her for her expertise when it comes to design trends.

For this blog we didn’t ask Kathy about design trends, instead we asked her about her own personal connection to design…

How long have you worked at Hirshfield’s Design Studio?
I’ve worked at the Design studio for 35 years.

Have you always known you wanted to go into design as a profession?
I can remember being about 8 years old and wanting to rearrange my bedroom… often. It just made me feel good. I think that is when I knew interior design was my calling.

How did you get started in the design industry?
My mom opened Hirshfield’s Design Studio back in the late 70’s. I came to work at Hirshfield’s for a summer job….. 35 years later here I am and I love it!

How would you describe your personal design style?
My personal design style is pretty eclectic/classic. I don’t care for clutter. I feel like I can’t think when there’s too much “stuff” around me. I believe in investing in a few great signature pieces and then building from there. It can be anything from a great hand knotted rug, a wonderful piece of art to a vintage chest… whatever speaks to me.


About the design studio
Hirshfield’s Design Resource is a to the trade showroom and concierge service that supports interior designers. We act as your personal assistant to help you source products, gather pricing, and provide you with back end project management to help make your job easier so you can spend more time designing, working with your clients, and managing your business.

Starting out at Harmon Court in 1981, expanding to International Market Square as one of the original tenants in 1984, and relocating to their current location in 1991, the showroom has evolved to offer a broad range of products with 20,000 square feet of furniture, fabric, wallcoverings, window treatments, rugs, carpet, lighting, art and accessories.


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