Friday Finds: To Market, To Market


Well, what do you think? Are you loving these authentic suzanis as much as I am?

 If you are not familiar with suzanis, a little background can be found in this post from January 2010. What I did not know is that the pattern is drawn on a large piece of background fabric, which is then cut into pieces and given to many women to embroider. When the individual pieces are sewn back together, chances are they will not line up, which explains the wonky seams, inconsistent colors, and motifs. You can see examples of these inconsistencies in each suzani pictured above. A large piece made by many women could take two to five years to complete. You have to appreciate and applaud the workmanship that go into these beautiful pieces.

Greg Yaghsezian (Hirshfield’s Design Studio) was at High Point for spring market and all the goodies he ordered are starting to trickle into the showroom. In addition to the suzanis, accessories, and kilim pillows have already arrived. Looking forward to seeing the furniture he selected for the showroom.

The show room is open 8:30-5:00 Monday thru Friday and is located one block south of International Market Square. All are welcome. The showroom has the best wallcovering library in town. Knowledgable and talented staff. Many of the furniture lines carried at the show room are exclusive to Hirshfield’s. Oh, and I’m told,  the best rug selections in town. Stop by and see for yourself.

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  1. LULU

    I saw these in Marrakesh and actually did not buy one… I’ve regretted it ever since and am thinking I may just have to stop by and snag one up!!!!

    1. Marsha

      Don’t you hate when that happens. There’s always next time when you go over.
      For those who don’t know Alicia, her business is LULU Painting located in Minneapolis. Alicia was stenciling in Morocco (May ’10) with a group led by Melanie Royals. There are lots of links in the Friday Finds: Stencils 2011, where you can read more about Alicia and Melanie.

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