Friday Finds: The Seamy Side of Grasscloth

Thibaut Grasscloths

You have found the perfect grasscloth, you’re ready to order, but first ask yourself if you’re able to embrace the idiosyncrasies of these natural beauties.

With grasscloth, natural or dyed, you will see seams when the paper is up on the wall. If the paneled effect bothers you then grasscloth is not for you. As we like to say in the business, “That’s the inherent beauty of grasscloth.” You won’t have as many seams with grasscloth, as it is 36″ wide compared to 20 1/2″ or 27″ wide standard wallpaper, but your eye will be drawn to the seams. Also, grasscloth is a natural fiber and there can be shading variations from roll to roll, even if it is dyed, you may see color variations when it is up on your wall.

With that being said, grasscloth is timeless and has been a favorite of designers for years. It brings another layer of texture, color, warmth, and in some cases, another pattern to a room. Grasscloth can be the rock star of a room or the back-up singer — the decision is up to you.


Manila Hemp by LBR Home Interior Design | Photographer Tim Williams


Grasscloth Vol. 5


Grasscloth Resource



Grasscloth Vol 4



We include all hand-woven natural fibersjute, seagrass, raffia and This link will take you to the entire library of Thibaut Wallpapers. In addition to grasscloths and naturals, Thibaut offers prints, vinyls, performance and wide widths. Enjoy the deep dive!




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    1. Meg

      Thank you Erin. I could not find my notes on that room nor could not recall where I found that luscious looking velvet chaise and grasscloth. I’ll update the link.
      Have a great weekend.

      I hope you’ve already sold your house for thousands above the asking price; it’s a great location.

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