Friday Finds: Take a Quiz to Pick the Personality of Your Home

Guildford Green paint color

When decorating a new or existing home, the space becomes a blank canvas to convey your style and personality. The inside of your home can say so much about the type of person or family that lives within the walls, so you should consider what each color will reflect when visitors step inside.


Whether you are simple and focus on the functionality of a color, or you are whimsical and creative, your paint color can truly reflect the persona of every room in your home—and the fun part is each room’s décor can be as similar or as different as you please.

The Personality of Paint Colors

Perhaps your home is your safe haven, a place of peace and tranquility that welcomes you with open arms after the end of a long day of work. If so, shades of blue ranging from light blues to navies bestow tranquility and serenity, and blue paint can create the feeling of peacefulness throughout your home for you and guests alike.

blue upholstered chairs
Tranquil Blue Living Room | Image Credit: Lynn Morgan

If you are sophisticated and love a clean line, gray can be a fabulous paint color to go with modern furniture, and it can also transition timelessly as your style changes through the years.

Chelsea Gray HC-168 by Benjamin Moore

If green is your color choice, you’re easy to get along with, patient and steer clear of drama. Green is considered the most relaxing color. There are many shades of green available, all of which can create a stress-free environment.

Benjamin Moore greens

On the other hand, red is associated with passion and energy. Red has actually been shown to increase blood pressure and heart rate – and it’s known for stimulating appetites and conversation. If you would like to paint your bedroom or living room red, look for muted, rich reds which have a softer and more elegant look.

Tomato Tango CSP1145
Benjamin Moore Tomato Tango CSP1145 and Harbor Gray AC-25

Take  a Personality Quiz

If you have a harder time determining what personality you want your space to express, we found a few “room personality” quizzes to determine how to redecorate and paint your home that goes far beyond choosing your favorite color.

Check them out:

Once you’re done with the quizzes, remember that Hirshfield’s has all of the paint to transform your space – no matter what personality you pick!

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