Friday Finds: Millennial Pink

Pink Devol Kitchen
Head over Heels paint color
Benjamin Moore Head Over Heels on the wall and Metropolitan on the table.


Sonhas Rosa! An old Portuguese phrase for what we are all doing – dreaming in PINK!

It’s no secret, pink is having a moment. Whether you’re wearing it or drinking it (hello rose), it has come to be the defining color of the millennials, so much so that is referred to by many as “millennial pink”. But why?

For starters, this is no longer a color only for the Pink Ladies or Barbie; the softer tonality of Millennial Pink has allowed the color to relate to both the femininity and masculinity of this generation.  Although many are claiming that this is a political stance on the fluidity of gender, Pantone didn’t name Rose Quartz one of the “Colors of the Year” in 2016 for its androgyny alone.  The stressful environment that has become our reality has caused people everywhere to “seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote”

As Pantone predicted, Millennial Pink is the perfect balance between a safe neutral and a bold color and has become an essential in interior design. But, this is not just one color, there are thousands of shades of pink; giving the DIY’er the opportunity to personalize pink in their own home.

We are along for the ride when it comes to picking your perfect pink. Below are some of our favorites on the pink-o-meter along with some inspirational visuals:


Head Over Heels Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore | Head Over Heels


0146 truffles hirshfield's paints
Hirshfield’s Truffles 0146 | Bachman’s Holiday Ideas House 2016


Pink Devol Kitchen
Devol Kitchen


Credit: Pernille Enoch, BologLiv
Getting creative with a new take on a classic two toned wall is a great way to keep your ” Hirshfields Color” from becoming mainstream | Credit: Pernille Enoch, BologLiv


love and happiness 1191 by Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Love and Happiness 1191 | Little Green Notebook



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