Friday Finds: Colorful Curb Appeal

Gray Benjamin Moore Exterior

Color Up Your Curb Appeal

If you want to add some pizzazz to the outside of your home, whether for your own satisfaction or because you’re thinking of selling, consider using color. You can update your home’s exterior to give it a fresh look or to incorporate trends that you enjoy. When it’s done well, adding a pop of color can also increase your home’s curb appeal and help your home stand out in the crowd.

But how do you add color the right way? Here are some tips to get you started on using paint to your home’s best advantage.

  • Remember the constants. When you decide to change your home’s color, first think about its unchangeable features—brick, stonework, roof—and its era and architectural style. That will help you narrow down options.

Gray Benjamin Moore Exterior

  • Let the door pop. If it works with your home, you could go with a bold color for the front entry door. Because it’s a stand-alone entity, it doesn’t have to match the rest of the home but can be a visually interesting focal point.
676 Sky by Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore paint color Sky 676 on the front door of this Minnesota cabin. Courtesy of Country Living Magazine
  • Work with your home’s style. You may want to do some research into what colors homes like yours are typically painted and start from there. And while you don’t want your house to match every other one on the street, you also don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb—a house painted pink might work in San Francisco but not here in the Midwest.
  • Use shutters. You can also use any exterior shutters to add color and visual interest. If you have an accent color picked out, shutters can be a good way to incorporate the color in another exterior location on hour home.
Amy Wax
Exterior by Amy Wax
  • Look online. There are so many wonderful sourced of information online to help you get ideas. Color expert Amy Wax possesses some magic juju powers when it comes to exterior color selections. Her colors choices are phenomenal! Benjamin Moore has a great starting point here. My other suggestion, now that spring is here, is to look at homes while you’re out on walks and see what speaks to you. Just getting to know your own inclination and taste is half the battle—once you have an idea about the looks you gravitate toward, paint experts, like those at Hirshfield’s, can help you develop a plan.

Whether you want to freshen up your home’s look with a new coat of paint, by adding an accent color, or going bold on your front door, now’s the perfect time to get started. Pinpoint the looks you love and incorporate them into your home to add a new level of curb appeal. For even more inspiration, check out this Hirshfield’s blog on curb appeal.

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