Excellent Service – Beth

It’s employees like Beth at Hirshfields in Woodbury that keep our customers coming back! Thanks Paul and Jean for the nice note, and thanks Beth for your outstanding service!


Starting in September, my husband and I spent 6 weeks trying to find the kind of Roman shades we wanted from Hunter Douglas.  We spoke to numerous people in a Hunter Douglas showroom and at Hirshfields and received confusing and often contradictory information.

We were almost ready to give up when we met Beth at the Hirshfields location in Woodbury.  Not only was she immediately responsive to every question (previously we’d had to wait days or longer for someone to get back to us), but she checked on e-mails and voicemails on her days off (!) and would call right back so no time was lost.

Through this experience we’ve come to realize how complicated the Hunter Douglas line is.  Beth learned some new things herself in researching our questions.  She spoke several times to technical people at Hunter Douglas to sort out the contradictory information we had previously received and came up with the right pictures and samples so that we could make an informed decision.

The final result, installed last week, is our new Hunter Douglas top/down bottom/up Roman shades which look absolutely fabulous in our remodeled living room and give us the effects we want in controlling light and air flow.

You are very fortunate in having Beth on your staff.  We’d like to congratulate Hirshfields on having someone so unusually dedicated to serving the customer.   Good service is increasingly rare in our rushed marketplace and much appreciated.

Thank you,
Paul and Jean
St. Paul

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