Design Inspiration: Tips for Dark Colors in Interior Design


Interior paints are available in more colors than every before, so why not use the whole spectrum when painting your home? Dark colors may be scary to some, but they can add drama and character to your space. In fact, if you have an overly spacious and impersonal room, you can reign in the space, with dark bold tones for the walls, and an even darker ceiling. That will give the room a “homier” feel.

Contemporary Home Theater | jamesthomas Interiors
Another way to visually shrink a large room is to divide the wall space horizontally with a chair rail. Paint the upper and lower portions different colors.

Traditional Dining Room |Laura Manning Bendik Design
  • Don’t be afraid to play up your existing décor by painting the walls with dark paint. If you have beautiful cabinetry in your kitchen, or a countertop that you want visitors to notice, painting the walls a similar, light color runs the risk of blending in with your cabinets or granite. Paint the walls a dark contrasting shade to make the existing décor pop and make your visitors “ooh” and “ahh” at the kitchen of your dreams!
  • Because choosing a dark color is such a commitment— oftentimes needing more than one coat—don’t limit yourself to merely choosing a paint chip and starting your project. Paint one of our sample boards with your potential options then hold them up to get a better visual of what the space will look like.
  • If you are a little timid about painting all four walls of a room with a dramatic tint, rest easily knowing that accent walls are an option. Painting one wall of a room a fun, intense color can add pizzazz and character to an otherwise dull space.
  • Neutral colors will always be popular, but don’t limit yourself to taupes and tans. Think of the darker colors found in nature! When you step outside, you are surrounding with lush forest greens, dark gray stone, deep brown tree bark, and the navy of the night sky. All of these colors are natural and pleasing to the eye—even on the walls of your living room! These colors also contrast beautifully with wood floors and pre-existing pieces of furniture.

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