Design Inspiration: Best Ways to Hide Your TV

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If it’s not an NFL Sunday, your television should not be the main focal point of your living room. Yet so many people fall into that trap.

Yes, a 60-inch TV may be impressive (not to mention expensive), but it’s not a piece of furniture. There are many ways to make your TV blend more effectively — or even hide it — to give your space a more classy look. So, unless you want to call it a TV room, use these tips to highlight the rest of your room.

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Frame It

Today’s flat screen TV’s create an opportunity that we never had before. There is very little depth, so you can actually put a frame around your screen, just like artwork.

This screen has been framed with a thick wood frame that doesn’t distract from the lovely stained mantel. A simple, inexpensive way to blend your television into the room.

DIY TV Frame | DecoratingYourSmallSpace.com
DIY TV Frame | DecoratingYourSmallSpace.com

Camouflage It

This designer has incorporated the rule of threes (and a smart attention to scale) to make the sleek television fit in the room. The black accented bookshelf walls work well with the black TV screen to create a balance within the room against the back wall. This room also features a fireplace wall and a striking black wall with three pieces of art on it;  all three focal points help create the mood of the entire room.

Living Room TV | Kristina Crestin Design
Living Room TV | Kristina Crestin Design

Creating clean lines with bookshelves is an easy way to make your television look modern and fresh – and help it blend into the background. Here, the TV’s unsightly cords have been hidden and the parallel lines make this design aesthetically pleasing.

Blended With Bookcases | Evelyn Lee's Sustainable Starter Apartment
Blended With Bookcases | Evelyn Lee’s Sustainable Starter Apartment


This rich-looking wall unit serves as the focal point for the room and also houses the TV.  The homeowners chose a book-matched wood veneer for the cabinet fronts which compliments their contemporary furniture nicely. Each piece in the space builds on top of each other for a mid-century modern vibe.

Sliding panels hide tv
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