Create Your Own Personal Paradise With Paint


Paint Palette

Refresh bathrooms and kitchens with a summer palette inspired by undiscovered beaches, exoctic follage and crystal-clear waters. Designed to use as accents, tropical greens, aquas and teals create a vibrant trio. A cool and warm pair of tinted sand whites bring a calming contrast to the vivacious brights. Create your own personal paradise, inside your home, with a palette to escape with!


Enhance your kitchen’s natural light with an allover scheme in Nilla Vanilla. Soft whites with a buttery, yellow undertone will counteract cool light and introduce a subtle warmth into your space. For a fun twist, paint your kitchen chairs in Outerspace, which is a clear aquatic hue with a fresh and fun vibe. Style with a geometric rug and vase of fresh flowers for a happy summer mood.


Simple yet effective, discover how vibrant color can completely transform and refresh woodwork. Bathroom cabinets in zesty green, Misty Valley, bring in invigorating pop of color and paint beautifully with Nilla Vanilla. Kitchen furniture in oceanic hues of Outerspace and Cold North complemented by Barely White to create a bold and playful kitchen.


Create your own tropical bathroom retreat with a combination of vivid green, Misty Valley and sea-inspired, Cold North. Cool and clean, Barely White is an ideal base for introducing accents of bright color. These vibrant shades cast a new light on existing accessories and creating statement feature walls. Gather up your succulents and houseplants to complete your perfect paradise.


Experience your own personal paradise by updating colors and upcycling projects throughout your home — a fresh coat of paint does wonders for your walls in addition to your personal well being.

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