Choosing Colors: Going From Beige to Greige

gray paint colors

I love to decorate my home and it never ceases to amaze me how much color can transform a room – from paint to accessories. For years (seriously, I think for a whole decade), my house was draped in paint from Hirshfield’s with names like Tobacco Road, Accessible Beige and Golden Thread.

Benjamin Moore popular gray paint colors
The best of Benjamin Moore’s grays | Benjamin Moore

When I built a new home a few years back, gray had come on the scene, taking over from the tried and trusted beige tones and I was excited to try a new hue!

I spent hours looking at paint samples, and I learned that gray can be a tricky color to choose as it can skew either blue or brown – and, depending on what accessories and furniture you have, it’s important to lean one way or another.

Gray Kitchen
Greige Walls with Smoke Embers AC-28 aka 1466 Cabinets

I decided to paint all my walls with a neutral greige (a bit softer and warmer then gray), and I love it.

And with painted gray cabinets (I chose Benjamin Moore’s Cinder AF-705 and Smoke Embers AC-28 aka 1466) I feel like I have an updated and modern version of the decade-long attachment I had to beige tones.

Gray Cabinets with Greige Paint
Greige Walls with Cinder AF-705 Cabinets

The professionals at Hirshfield’s always know what colors are on-trend, and more importantly, what colors will really make the room pop. You can even have a color stylist come to your home. But if you want to do a little more research before picking out colors, check out some of our other blogs – like this one on the many shades of gray, or this one on greige.

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