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Color center at Hirshfield's Eden Prairie

More Exceptional Customer Service… Hirshfield’s

At Hirshfield’s, we don’t treat our customers well just for the recognition. We do it because it is part of our mission to share our knowledge and ensure that every customer is treated with respect. However, letters like this remind us just how important exceptional customer service is. We always love hearing about our customers’...
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{exceptional customer service…Hirshfield’s}

We have to share this unsolicited compliment from a contractor customer. They found the “comments” button on the Hirshfield’s web site and sent in the following e-mail. It’s always a joy to receive such e-mails and even more fun to pass them around for all to see. Nice work to Charlie and Tedd at Maplewood...
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Exceptional Customer Service

Every so often we receive an unsolicited note from a satisfied customer. Why “every so often?” Is it because our company only performs at an exceptional level “every so often?” We’d like to think not, but a little self doubt does help keep one at the top of their game. Countless times I’ve shared positive...
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Spring Lawncare Tips from the U of MN

Has the temperature officially reached 70 yet? Either way, it certainly feels like spring is here! Which means a lot of us are starting to think about our yards. When should we reseed? Do we need to start watering? What are some earth-friendly ways to manage weeds? Good thing the University of Minnesota produced this...
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Hardwood floors

Hardwood Floors Adds Beauty and Leave Dust Mites Behind

As I’m sweeping my kitchen floor, readying it for the vinegar-and-water mop I use to clean them, I wonder why I love hardwood floors so much.  They are more work to keep clean, for sure! They get scratched by shoes, falling toys and un-manicured dog paws and they fade with too much daylight! In my...
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Organizing Your Basement… One Step at a Time

It is difficult to find motivation to clean and organize a basement, isn’t it?  It has to be on the list of worst household tasks!  I enlisted a friend who is a professional organizer and she came to help me with an area in my basement, and in the process I learned practical tips that...
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10 Ways to Cut Clutter

Clutter makes me crazy! It eats away at my inner peace and hard-earned zen, and my loudest wish since day one of motherhood has been that my offspring (and husband) would understand how much clutter- not only clutters my home, but my mind, my patience and honestly, my love for them. But, I have had...
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Updating your Home for Sale

I have bought and sold many homes over the years – all without a professional stager and most without a real estate agent!  Whether that was purely genius or just insane, I’ll never tell, but I have learned a few things along the way. But in order to sell your house, you can help yourself...
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