Basic Black

As I was stumbling through StumbleUpon.com the other day, I came across a blog post that caught my eye – Paint it BLACK by LiveLikeYou.com. Not only were the pictures stunning, but the question posed by the author got me thinking – “I wondered why we wear this beautiful non color for mourning.  Black is beautiful, black is elegant, black is classy, black is subdued, black is striking, black is fashionable, black is sophisticated, black is severe…but is black sad?”

After looking at these photos I could describe black as dramatic, daring and haunting, but I don’t think I would classify it as sad. What do you think?

Atlanta Home Magazine via LiveLikeYou.com
Luxe and Lilies via LikeLikeYou.com
House Beautiful
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  1. Logan James

    I thought basic black would be terrifying yet stunning at the same time. Bought some solid black wallpaper at DecoratorsBest and couldn’t be more excited to put it up.

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