Back to school paint colors

Tips for Compromising on Color with Kids

My daughter recently wanted to paint her room lime green, and that can be a tricky color to choose, especially with conflicting mother/daughter opinions! So in order to keep the peace, we went together to the store to look at samples. She had plenty of ideas on what color was “the one,” which didn’t jive...
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Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

No matter how large or small your living space, it seems there are always areas that aren’t used efficiently.  Whether you have a guest bedroom that no one enters or a dining room where no one eats, think about ways you can creatively use the space where you dwell. Use Your Furniture: One way to...
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Best Basement Remodels

In my family, basements used to be referred to as dungeons – dark, musty and old! It was all we knew – both among friends and family. Then, with the onset of a new century, two kids and a promotion, most of our friends moved from their starter homes to bigger houses with walk-in closets,...
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Red: Hot or Haute?

Red: Hot or Haute? When thinking of colors in terms of their color temperature, red is at the top of the scale for being a really warm hue. It is commonly referred to as the color of fire and flame and it sizzles in terms of sensuality. Red is a romantic valentine or a sweet...
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Wooster Brushes

A Good Paintbrush Can Save a Project – and Your Sanity

Why do some home decorating projects conjure up such dread? Maybe it’s because we approach these projects incorrectly. We spend all this time choosing the right hue of paint, wondering if it will change once it’s on the wall. When we finally settle on the desired color, we grab a paint brush and some tape...
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