Cleaning Up the Trophy Madness!

March Madness is once again upon us. As millions of hoops fanatics are swept away by college basketball euphoria, it may be time to try to make sense out of the madness that can be your children’s trophy collection — by creating displays that will make those victories live on.

Here are some creative ideas for displaying your hardware… so you don’t forget the joy of the game.

  1. Bulletin boards:  Use a cork bulletin board or multiple squares of cork (found in the office supply aisle) and display your medals.  You can either hang them by the ribbons at multiple levels or remove the ribbons and use a thumbtack through the ribbon hole to maximize your display space.
  2. Shadow boxes: For a special season or event in your child’s life, create a unique display to remember it by – include photos, memorabilia (programs, tickets etc) and any awards, medals or trophies.  You can have one custom made at your local frame or craft store, or look for supplies at your local retailer and do it yourself.
  3. Shelves: A simple shelf that you can purchase or make is a great way to display trophies in your child’s room.  Or perhaps you were once a star in your own right and want to highlight your trophies in a rec. room.  To make your own, use a 4-6 ft. piece of crown molding with a 1 x 4 on top, stained or painted to suit your room.  This makes a beautiful unique shelf and gives plenty of room for all your metal!

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