Magnolia Home Wallpaper: Artful Prints & Patterns

Magnolia Home Wallpaper Book

There’s a third Magnolia Home Wallpaper collection? Of course there is. The newest Magnolia Home wallpaper book, Artful Prints & Patterns, from the ever-creative Joanna Gaines is now available for your viewing pleasure at Hirshfield’s. Joanna is all about telling a story with her wallpaper and paint names —  Vantage Point, Fox & Hare, Hopscotch, and Fairy Tales are a few of the fun names from this collection of 13 new designs.

Joanna Gaines has this to say about her new book of wallpapers: “This line of wallpaper is genuinely fun. Each pattern is unique, whimsical and playful in its own way. These are the prints I can see my kids wanting in their bedrooms, or making a big statement in a bathroom, laundry room, or home office. Wallcoverings like these are an easy way to infuse your personality and style into your home. They’re a creative way to tell your family’s story.”

The wallpapers in this book are manufactured with Sure Strip® — a high performance substrate and special adhesive so the papers go up easily and come down in one piece.

You’ll find all the Artful Prints & Patterns on Hirshfield’s Magnolia Home Pinterest board. Here are a few of our favorite designs from this new collection:

wallpaper by Joanna Gaines


Scalloped wallpaper from Joanna Gaines
Stacked Scallops rendered in a hand painted style.


Magnolia Home Wallpaper watercolor roses
The Water Color Roses pattern is inspired by classic heritage florals and available in four subtle pastel colorways.


Wallpaper pattern by Magnolia Home
Hill and Horizon | A silhouette of rolling hills with a print overlay, reminiscent of hand painted cloth.


Magnolia Home Wallpaper Pickup Sticks
Pickup Sticks | Inspired by the game, these soft lines create a herringbone pattern with an allover stripe effect.


Hirshfield’s Roseville stocks 12 patterns from the first Magnolia Home wallpaper book — click here to see the Joanna Gaines inspired selections.

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