4 Tips for Redoing Your Teen’s Bedroom

Redoing your teen's bedroom

When a child becomes a teenager, so much changes. From newfound hobbies, friends, and style, to preparing for high school, parenting a teenager can be an exciting time. Or frustrating. It depends on the day. So, how do you handle the transition from a cute kid’s room to a more age-appropriate teen’s bedroom? Here are some tips to help you create the mature, teenage haven of their dreams.

1. Make Mature Color Choices

If they’ll have it, help them choose a paint color that will transition nicely into their college years. For boys, blues, navies, grays, tans, and even white walls are a good option. Tan may be a difficult color to sell him on, but gray or navy are great choices because they are both boyish, but have that sophisticated edge that your teen wants. For girls, white, tan, and gray are perfect neutral colors that can open up the space and create an open canvas for creativity and decorating fun.

Gray and Yellow Teen Bedroom | HGTV
Gray and Yellow Teen Bedroom | HGTV

Gray doesn’t have to be dull and boring! Choose a fun, complementary color—like the yellow they chose here—and voila! A young, hip, room that will convert beautifully as your teen’s tastes evolve.

2. Use Bold Accents

When taking a simple room from drab to fab, accent walls are an excellent option. Give your teen the freedom to pick a bold, dramatic color that ties together the interior décor they have chosen. It’s all about compromise.

Turquoise | Homedit.com
Bold Accent Wall | Homedit.com

This room would come off as stark and uninviting, if not for the pop of turquoise in the corner. Get creative when choosing your accent option—walls, crown molding, or even the ceiling are all options to add something a little different to your teen’s new room!

3. Play With Geometric Patterns

Just because your teen is no longer a “child”, that doesn’t mean that fun, cheery colors are no longer an option. Bright, summery colors are a great way to create positive, refreshing energy in your teen’s bedroom.

Bright Colors Shine | Homedit.com
Bright Colors Shine | Homedit.com

Geometric patterns are a fantastic way to make a unique focal point for your teen’s new space. One way to create your own unique pattern is to use painter’s tape.

4. Try “the easy to hang” Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an almost limitless option to add texture, pattern, or color to your teenager’s room. Wallpaper has the power to add character to any space, and looking for wallpaper for your child’s new, mature bedroom can be an easy way to jumpstart your teen’s creative gears! Better yet, the messy, tedious process is much easier with the prepasted York Sure Strip® wallcoverings we wrote about recently. So add a crazy pattern that your teen like’s today and know that if he or she grows out of it, removal will be quick and easy.

YWD970Butterfly BS5404B KD1848 RMK2637SCS
Butterfly Bedroom | York Sure Strip®

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