Why Wallcovering Works for Baby’s Bedrooms

Wallpaper for Baby Brain Development and Beautiful Design

Every new parent has to confront the daunting decisions that go with decorating the baby’s nursery. Will you use colors that traditionally align with boys or girls? Will you stay neutral? Will you paint or wallpaper the baby’s room? Do you decorate for the first 3 months or the first three years? So many things to consider, and we’re not even going to tackle furniture and toys for the crib in this blog. Instead, we’ll try talk about one thing – why wallcovering works for baby’s bedrooms.

black and white baby's room
Project Nursery


Like most parents, if this is your first child you’re probably concerned about your child’s brain development and ensuring their bedroom, or their womb in the world, is safe and stimulating for their mind. There are endless studies on this topic and some experts say the best visual stimulation for a baby are black and white stripes or dark and light contrasting colors.

Baby friendly designs

Of course, we’ve seen the cute nurseries that have the pastel walls and fun borders to accent a child-like theme, however, it’s not the best wallpaper for a baby’s brain development. According to pediatrician Dr. William Sears, a newborn may only see shades of pastels, for example, as one shade all blurred together. In the blog, “Visual Stimulation for Newborns” he writes:

“Surround a baby with soft pastel colors and you might as well be blindfolding him.”

That said, this doesn’t mean the baby’s nursery should have a “jail cell” theme. However, it may make sense to use wallpaper or wall decals that will stimulate your baby’s brain that looks wonderful and helps brain development. In the photo below, the Mimi Stripe wallpaper is shown on just one feature wall which is all you need with such a strong color and pattern.

Children's wallpaper Harlequin
This shows the Mimi Stripe wallpaper in pink from Harlequin’s, All About Me, wallpaper book.
black and white stripe wallpaper
Mimi Stripe wallpaper in black and white.


Accessorize for brain stimulation

Finding the perfect print that will accentuate dark contrasting colors for newborn brain stimulation and also meet mom’s expectations of “nursery design” could be a challenge. So, don’t be afraid to compromise. Find the print that offers more to your baby’s development than a pastel wall, yet doesn’t make you feel as if you’re trapped in a psychological experiment. Then, accessorize – buy sheets, blanks, pillowcases and crib bumpers that have contrasting stripes. Also make sure your baby’s toys, mobiles and rattles are black and white striped, even stuffed animals!


harlequin kids wallpaper
All About Me from Harlequin Wallpaper

To make sure your newborn’s bedroom exudes all the love, warmth, safety and brain stimulation possible, talk to a designer for their input or you can always have one of our sales associates show you our wallpaper library for children’s rooms, whether it’s wallpaper or paint, it can always be changed in the future!

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