What Works with Yellow?

Yellow to most people means sunshine and warmth. That would seemingly make it a perfect color to brighten up your home décor, but it can be difficult to know how to use it well, especially along with other colors.

Yellow is a great companion. Include it with a cool palette of blues and grays to perk things up, alongside orange for a summery theme, or combine blue and yellow together for an eye-catching duo. If you want your look to be exciting, and red or orange are too much, bright yellow is the ticket. But you can also mix red and yellow for an electric combination.

Very pale yellows can be considered neutral, and go nicely with darker or richer colors. To create contemporary design, add yellow to neutral grays and black. Olive green, brown and yellow will create a deeper earthy look, and bright or light greens can be paired with yellow if you are going for a natural, fruity color palette.

So step out into the sunshine with yellow – with these perfect compliments to suit your tastes and home.

Still want to try? House Beautiful will help you get started in the right direction with tips from designers and their favorite yellows.


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