Wallpaper Week: Club by Eijffinger

“You have to see the book in person, it’s nothing like anything we have had before.” Hirshfield’s Design Studio

 From Gothic to glam, the mix of patterns in the CLUB collection lends to both residential or commercial spaces. The purple hologram, mirrored bubbles, and reflective foils would work well in a restaurant, bar, lobby, or club. Other patterns are sophisticated in color and design giving your home a stunning contemporary feel.

A customer purchased this paper for the ceiling in the master bedroom.

Smokey, complex chameleon colors, Addams Family, and Jack Lenor Larsen, describe this fun and funky wallpaper book.

Customer be aware: The wallcovering libraries varies at each Hirshfield’s location. Call in advance if you are looking for a specific book.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I love the effienger candle wallpaper but in a domestic situ would you do all walls or just have a feature wall and what would you put on the other walls

    1. Marsha

      I spoke with Greg at our Design Studio and his opinion is to use it as an accent wall. He also suggested using a metallic paint or a wallcovering with a sheen to it. He thought a flat paint would make the wallcovering look cheap. He also suggested ordering a sample so you can see how the light plays off it. Thanks for your patience.

      1. Elizabeth

        Thank you. that was a great help. I had tried flat paints and it didn’t work. I then tried to find metallic paints and could only find some in the Crown paint range here in the UK and the silver was too bright. For some reason I had not thought about wallpaper with a sheen.

  2. Marsha

    Is it possible to mix the silver metallic with water to tone it down? Ask your paint store for their opinion. It would be less expensive than the wallcovering. Good luck.

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