Wallpaper Wednesday: The Latest & Greatest Wallpaper Books

thibaut Caravan wallpaper book
Tulsi Block from Caravan
Caravan Paper by Thibaut
Patara Ikat on the wall and Pongo fabric on the ottoman – Caravan

Hirshfield’s retail stores have received so many new wallpaper books in the past month, that it’s a great time to be looking for wallpaper. Florals, geometrics with a twist, embossed classic motifs to digitally altered designs. Papers printed in the United States and United Kingdom bring a good mix of colorways and printing techniques. In addition, there are price points for everyone’s budget. Don’t you have a guest bath that needs some wallpaper TLC? Exciting times in the world of wallcovering.

Caravan by Thibaut

Venture to a place where treasures await at every turn in the Caravan collection. Classically inspired designs and worldly motifs are enlivened with a fresh and adventurous color palette. This energizing collection of coordinating wallpaper, print and woven fabrics is full of surprising shapes and movement that embrace traditional design.

York Wallpaper Room to Grow
Room To Grow

Room To Grow by York

Take any kid’s room to the next level with these wallpaper and borders! This collection features colorful and expressive designs that appeals to both girls and boys. Create the perfect accent wall for your baby room, toddler room or tween bedroom with these designs. All kid’s styles are represented. Room to Grow by York strikes a good balance between being creative enough to hold a child’s attention while maintaining a sense of tastefulness.

Simple Space Vol. 2 Wallcovering
Simple Space Vol. 2

Simple Space II by Brewster

Simple Space II is an inspiring new collection of chic designs. With prolific special screen effects including suede and gel inks and vibrant colors, these wallpapers are as fine as they are fresh. The contemporary prints include happy florals, charming botanicals, fashionable geometrics and unique variations on traditional prints. This collection creates a vibrant and beautiful home, with the perfect dash of sophistication.
Poetica from Harlequin


[oetica wallpaper by Harlequin

Poetica by Harlequin

Named after a species of daffodil, Poetica is an enchanting homage to the natural beauty and intrinsic charm of England’s spectacular countryside and its delightful cottage gardens.In style and feel, Poetica is reminiscent of a nature lover’s scrapbook, filled with notes, sketches, cuttings and botanical studies of flora and fauna.The innovative wallcoverings are big on texture: they have a light, airy, at times even coastal feel, encompassing effects such as limed wood, crackle glaze and brown paper, which form the highly effective backdrop to the delicate botanical motifs.

Aegean Wallpaper by Sanderson
Aegean Collection

Aegean Vinyl Wallpapers by Sanderson

Sea sprays, sparkly coral, fossils and wind-blown cascades of blossoms set the scene for the Aegean wallpaper collection, a fusion of natural organic imagery in soft mineral colours. A subtle thread of oriental influence also weaves its way through the ten vinyl wallpapers which are designed to coordinate with, or complement the luxurious Aegean fabrics. They have been printed using a combination of matt and metallic inks which create a lustre and depth that gives walls a subtle, ever-changing feel.  Embossed with rich effects, from silk slubs to fine linen weaves, these vinyl wallcoverings offer a textural finish and have the added advantage of being durable and hard-wearing – useful for high traffic family rooms and hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.

Vibe by Carey Lind Wallpaper

Vibe by Carey Lind

Fresh clean colors. Modern classic designs: Greek Key, scallops, florals, caning, and geometrics are brought together in this cheerful au courant wallpaper collection.

Sparkle Kenneth James


Close up of above wallpaper


Sophisticated. Charismatic. Glamorous. Cultured. Sparkle by Kenneth James is an influential new collection of designer wallpapers featuring chic inspirations from around the globe with a transitional flourish. The designs invite an opulent glitz to décor, embellished with eye-catching glitter, and savvy texture effects including foil, subtle glitter effects, screen-printing and raised inks.

If you’re looking for a particular line or wallpaper book call to verify your Hirshfield’s store carries the book. Each Hirshfield’s location has a different wallpaper library.

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