Wallpaper Trends for Your Home

Wallcovering Wednesday: Wallpaper Trends

Wallpaper is big. It’s not just for your grandparent’s 100 year-old cottage, or for that antique store around the corner. Wallpaper is modern, fun, young and trending. Kathy Basil from Hirshfield’s design studio realizes that not only is it trending, but it’s become a necessary addition to your home. Wallcoverings are flying off the shelves and onto feature walls, half bathrooms, children’s rooms, master bedrooms and anywhere you want a little charm and bold personality.

The patterns Basil sees in the spotlight are ones with a floral flare and intense texture. Designers are going bold.  Eden Verbena from Romo’s Black Edition takes the popularity award. It’s beautiful Monet-like flowers are great for a space with fun atmosphere.

“In one pattern, Eden describes a whole trend. It’s large scale, playful, floral, not too serious, modified, even hippie.”

Wallcovering Trends
Eden Wallcovering Verbena
Romo Black Edition
Romo Black Edition

Kew Wallpaper
Romo Kew Pattern shown in Hirshfield’s Design Resource


Geometric and Moroccan shapes are also sought after trends for wallcoverings. Basil describes them as “mod.” This pattern by Romo incorporates texture and true geometric form.

Byzantine Flock Wallcovering Chartreuse | W364/04
Wallpaper trends
Romo Black Edition

Designers are using textures to express that bold mood that only wallpaper can emit. Basil sees natural and metallic mixtures, like Thibaut’s Newest Collection going in many homes.

Thibaut Grasscloth Resource Volume 3
Thibaut Grasscloth Resource Volume 3
Grasscloth Resource Vol 3 Thibaut
Grasscloth Resource Vol 3 Thibaut

Whether you’re picking out that new pattern for the guest bathroom (which Basil said should always be wallpapered) or hanging it like a picture above the fireplace, be bold and show off the personality you want the space to take.

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