Wallcovering Wednesday: Wood Walls Without Hammer and Nails

Wood Paper

There’s something about the look and feel of wood. From the rugged wood walls in a rustic farmhouse to reclaimed wood in an industrial chic loft, wood brings a certain depth and character. And now you can achieve that look without a hammer and nails. These super-realistic photo murals and ultra-detailed wood grain wallcoverings let you change looks as quickly as you can change papers.

Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed Wood Photo-Mural from Brewster

Brewster’s breathtaking photo-murals are hard to distinguish from the real thing. This beautifully constructed, reclaimed wood mural (above) has fascinating depth.

Oakwall Photo-Mural from Brewster
Oak Photo-Mural from Brewster

Brewster’s Oak wall mural is a little less dramatic but equally effective. The 4-panel mural uses warm wood texture to create a cozy, casual atmosphere.

Wide Wooden Planks | Welcome Home by York

York also has some great wood inspirations. Its Welcome Home collection features Americana themed country and farm patterns, like the Wide Wooden Plank pattern is this country kitchen (above). Beadboard (below) is available in five colors that will bring a rustic charm to any room.

DPR; FK3895; RMK2147SLM bath signs; country
Cream Beadboard | Welcome Home by York


Brewster’s wood plank wallpapers work in any home – from country to contemporary, there’s an option for everyone. You can see the latest wood wallpaper inspirations at Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. But if you’re looking for a particular line or wallpaper book call to verify your Hirshfield’s store carries the book. Not every store has the same wallpaper library.

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