Wallcovering Wednesday: Florals That Never go Out of Style

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Can there be too much of a good thing? When it comes to florals, some designers say no. It seems that flowers never go out of style – it’s just the way they’re presented. Check out these ways to mix florals in your own home, from easygoing to a bit more daring.

Flowers to match floral wallpaper:

If you love flowers, why not go with more? The live bouquet blends beautifully with the watercolor flowers in Brewster’s Claressa Blueberry pattern — from the Catalina Watercolor collection.

Catalina Watercolor Wallpaper | Brewster Wallcoverings
Catalina Watercolor Wallpaper | Brewster Wallcoverings

Pillows and artwork to match floral furniture:

Who says florals can’t be whimsical? Look no further than this collection of pillows, accessories, and artwork. On their own, most of the pieces have classic looks, but the combination creates its own unique style.

Credit: Debi Treloar for Daily Mail

Art isn’t just for the walls.

Check out this “painterly” floral rug — coordinated with very different florals on the couch and pillows.

Credit: House and Garden
Credit: House and Garden

Artwork + Couch + Pillows + Wallpaper:

The end result of all those florals, a unique kind of color blocking — similar to the trend we just explored in a recent blog.

Credit: House to Home
Credit: House to Home

Floral wallpaper + floral wallpaper:

Worried about too much? These floral prints all work together because the colors are in the same family and the prints vary in sizes.

Credit: House to Home

One final floral inspiration:

Each floral is different enough that they all seem to work together in this stunning photo by Lisa Cohen. Not sure what it would feel like to live in a living room like this, but it certainly makes a statement!

Credit: Lisa Cohen for Vogue Living Australia
Credit: Lisa Cohen for Vogue Living Australia

P.S. Check out this Hirshfield’s ad from 70s that is all about flowers. Groovy, even:


You can still visit any of our Hirshfield’s locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota for design inspiration, and we may still recommend flowers. After all, they never seem to go out of style!

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