Wallcovering Wednesday: Discovering Thibaut’s Trade Routes


If you love traveling to exotic places (or just dreaming about it), Thibaut Design has a book for you. Thibaut’s new Trade Routes collection of coordinating wallpaper, print and embroidered fabrics was inspired by handcrafted and primitive techniques from faraway places.

For example, Goa (below), a stunning pattern named after the beautiful beach town in India that has colorful buildings and palm trees, and at one time had wild cows roaming freely along its beaches.

Gao | Trade Routes
Trade Routes | Goa

Thibaut’s Barrier wallpaper resembles coral reefs of the sea. This pattern comes in soft coastal colors like Pink, Blue, Green Aqua, Beige and Pearl.

Barrier wallcovering pattern
Available colorways in the Barrier pattern
Trade Routes | Barrier
Trade Routes | Barrier

Bonaire is named after an island off the coast of Venezuela. This simple dotted-trellis pattern brings beautiful dimension to the walls.


Trade Routes | Bonaire

The bold and beautiful Medallion Paisley is a modern take on a paisley using a traditional layout — complemented below by Darien chairs in the aqua color of Kyra Key from Thibaut’s Resort collection.


Trade Routes | Medallion Paisley
Trade Routes | Medallion Paisley

Inspired by these visions of faraway lands? You can check out samples of Trade Routes and other Thibaut collections at our Hirshfield’s locations.

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