Wallcovering Wednesday: Bohemian Rhapsody

wallpapered wall from Kismet book

Brewster Brings the Bohemian Chic with Kismet Collection

For those of you who survived the 80s decorating palette, it may be difficult for you to think you’d ever plaster another room with wallpaper. Remember the flowery patterns and the bold (let’s call them vivid) colors? Yikes, I think we all still remember some atrocious patterns in bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms across the Twin Cities.

KISMET-Shibori Print
A Beautiful Shibori Print from A-Street Prints Kismet Collection

Fast forward to 2015: Awesome, beautiful and inspiring patterns are coming from companies all over the world. My favorite is Brewster’s new Kismet Collection by A Street Prints, with its beautiful patterns, textures and ethnic details.

KISMET-Isla Indigo7
Boho Decorating Ideas & Bohemian Fashion Trends

Page after page shows inspiring patterns with descriptions that transform you to a different world. How can you not be inspired when your senses are bombarded with beautiful images and tantalizing descriptions like these?

…layers of bohemian patterns

…vibrant yet romantic

…touch of exotic beauty

…Marrakech inspired designs

…gypsy floral medallions

…and chic damasks.

A Stunning Free-Spirited Damask in a Fresh Coral Hue

I don’t usually give in to trends (at least not without some initial resistance) and when my trusted Hirshfield’s person showed me the Kismet Collection on a recent visit I may have been a bit skeptical. I was browsing for ideas to spruce up my bedroom and when she brought out the Brewster book I was intrigued.

Geo Green Quatrefoil Wallpaper from the New Kismet Collection

Page after page of beautiful images – yep, I was quickly hooked. I’m in the final decision-making stage, but I’m leaning toward a Bohemian print that makes the room feel chic and hip and sophisticated – all at the same time.

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