Trends – Past & Future Part II

You saw our recent post focusing on trends from this past year. Now it’s time to look ahead to trends for 2011! I talked to Kathy and the rest of the team at Hirshfield’s Design Resource and here is what they see for trends in the coming year.

First, let’s talk about color. While purple has been rumored to be the hot color in 2011, Kathy also sees colors like Hirshfield’s Chintz, Foggy Mist, Dimple, Yellow Umbrella and Benjamin Moore’s Fresco Urbain making a splash.

Hirshfield’s 0573 Chintz &          0475 Foggy Mist
Hirshfield’s 1099 Dimple & 0800 Yellow Umbrella & Benjamin Moore’s 1253 Fresco Urbain

*The experts at Hirshfield’s recommend not selecting colors based upon a computer image – these colors should only serve as a guide.

Floors will get some added warmth with sheep skin and hair-on-hide rugs – both are expected to be a popular trend in 2011.

Elle Décor

Don’t be surprised if you see felt everywhere in 2011. From pillows, to wall art to table runners, this soft yet durable fabric is expected to be a favorite!

The Zaza Chair by Omri Barzeev

What trends do you see popping up in 2011?

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