Tips for Selling Your Home

Window Treatment Wednesday: Strategies for Selling Your Home

The housing market is heating up and more homeowners are thinking of moving. When it’s time to sell, there certain strategies you can take when it comes to your window treatments to optimize views and give your home a finished, fresh look.

Shannon Scarrella, Hirshfield’s Shop at Home, says that realtors may recommend that blinds be raised all the way up and out of the way on the sides of the home where the view is best. “I admit that I’m not a big fan of this look, especially when it comes to aluminum blinds or wood blinds,” she says. “The look isn’t as clean when they’re raised. I would be more apt to leave them down but keep the louvers tilted open, especially if it’s a wood blind.”

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Although sellers might be tempted to leave shades down on the side of the home neighbors’ homes are near, Scarrella maintains that open is better. “I’m a fan of letting in the light and letting the new homeowner determine their own privacy needs in the home.”

The most crucial task is to make sure that all of the window treatments are in working order, with functioning cords and tassels.

If your home has outdated window treatments that may negatively affect your ability to sell the home, it may be worth it to update some of your window coverings. Wood blinds are economical, go with any style of home and are a look that many people are familiar with.

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“Take a look at your budget and the selling price of the home and comparable homes on the market,” says Scarrella. “A fresh coat of paint and new blinds can do a lot to get a home ready to sell and make a homeowner feel like work has been done for them, making the home move-in ready.”

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