Tips for Lightening and Brightening a Dark Space

When you have the right design plan, you don’t have to worry about accepting a space as-is. There are very few flaws that can’t be “designed away!”

For example, if you have a room that feels dark and gloomy try these design tips and tricks to make it feel lighter and brighter!

Add a mirror
Mirrors trick the eye into thinking that a room is larger than it really is and also help reflect light. Add a floor-to-ceiling mirror for a dramatic effect or combine small, tile mirrors for added interest. Yard sales and estate sales are great places to find mirrors at affordable prices.

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Color Stories, Sea Glass CSP-735 on the walls and City Shadow CSP-60 for the wainscot.

Add some white
White gets a bum rap for being “boring.” But when done properly, an all white room can be dramatic and sophisticated – not to mention bright and airy! To really make a statement, go all out with the white, white walls, white furniture and white accessories. Use different shades and textures to add some visual interest.

white room
Chic Beautiful Life

Add some window treatments
Purchasing light, soft window treatments and setting them higher and wider than the actual window will make the window seem even larger and brighter. This is also a great option for lightening up a room if you’re not allowed to paint, as the light fabric will help cover the dark walls.

Minneapolis window treatments

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