holiday decorating
Christmas Tree made out of sticks

DIY Trees and Wreaths

8 Unique Holiday Decoration Ideas Let your creative juices flow this season by decorating for the holidays with a little sizzle and festive flair. Whether you have a small space, a large loft, or just want to break free from the traditional tree in the corner, we think you’ll be inspired by these exciting and unique...
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Irish Design

Top o’ the mornin’ to you! With St. Patrick’s Day getting closer, now is the time to take note of Irish design and the many ways to add green to your home. Why green on St. Partick’s Day? In addition to green being one of the colors in Ireland’s tri-color flag, Ireland is also known...
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Modern Decorating for the Holidays

Decorating for the holidays can be steeped in tradition – or take on a modern flair. And: you can mix the two styles. Look for contemporary finishes like metallics or mirrored accents. Group “like” items together for a modern look – like this mantle filled with glass candle holders and vases. This post from the...
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The History of Red & Green

Deck the halls, trim the tree, stuff the stockings, and don’t forget to sing a little “FaLaLaLaLa” – Christmas is almost here! As you adorn your home with holiday cheer, you probably don’t have much time to stop and think about why your color scheme has suddenly become dominated by reds and greens – but...
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