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The Buzz On Bud’s Bees

    “How are the bees?” is a question Hans Hirshfield gets a lot. In March, the U of M Bee Squad stopped by for a “Well Bee Checkup” and told us the Hirshfield’s Hives were healthy and happy. We lost two hives over the winter of 2015 and the University of Minnesota’s Hive to Bottle program...
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Hirshfield’s Hives 2015

Friday Finds: Update on Bud’s Bees Last Spring, Bud and Hans Hirshfield teamed up with the University of Minnesota’s Bee Lab and introduced two honeybee colonies to the environs just outside of downtown Minneapolis. Hive #1 flourished throughout the summer, but Hive #2 lagged behind and towards the end of the summer the U of MN...
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