Summer House Wallcovering By Thibaut

Thibaut Summerhouse wallpaper floral design

Summer House Wallpaper by Thibaut

The past few dreary days has me longing for sunshine and a bright blue sky. Thibaut Wallpaper to the rescue! Escape to Summer House, Thibaut’s newest collection of coordinating wallpaper and fabrics. The flowers, simple shapes, paperweaves, and retro batik patterns will satisfy your longing for the return of the warmth of summer!

Summer House by Thibaut Wallpaper
Who can resist a coral and pink color combination?


Summer House Wallpaper by thibaut
West Palm Wallpaper


Summer House wallpaper by Thibaut
Cyrus Cane


Summer House wallpaper by thibaut
Sunburst is a large-scale pattern that replicates the view inside a kaleidoscope! This fun design is a bit retro, but makes quite a statement.


Summer House Wallpaper by Thibaut
This classic cabana stripe can be hung vertically or horizontally for 2 totally different looks!


Summer House Wallpaper by Thibaut
Open Spaces Wallpaper

Established in 1886, Thibaut (pronounced Tee-Bo) is the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firm. Thibaut’s product offering has broadened to include a variety of coordinating print fabrics, embroideries, and woven upholstery fabrics.

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