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Tedd Petrich

District Manager
Why do you like working for Hirshfield’s?
Why I like working at Hirshfield’s is that every day is different from the previous day.
I enjoy seeing Hirshfield’s customers who have been with us for 30 years and  it’s exciting meeting the next generation of Hirshfield’s customer. 
Last but not least, working with the awesome employees on my team.
Tell us a little more about yourself:
 I enjoy camping, hunting, a good meat raffle and the occasional poker game.


Currently Managing the Following Locations:

Professional Experience

Years with Hirshfield’s: 27
Years in the industry: 27
Areas Served: Maplewood, MN


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Favorite Colors

0505 in good taste

In Good Taste

Color Number: 0505

  • LRV: 33
  • Color Family: Blue

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