chris monyhan
Outside Sales Representative

Rod Wimberly

I specialize in commercial painting of exterior walls, parking ramps, and interior walls. I have experience in shot blasting floors, hangar floors, troweled floors, broadcast floors, and commercial floor applications. I deal with sandblasting tanks and re-coating structural steel.

I am married for 35 years with two children, Rodney my oldest works at Hirshfield’s, Chris is going to school. I am an avid golfer, hunter and hockey enthusiast.  

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Why Hirshfield's?

Hirshfield’s is family owned that has been in business for over 100 years. I have never worked for a company that feels like working with my family. It’s a great environment, good people with a shared value system and one of the best platforms in the industry.

Professional Experience

Years with Hirshfield’s: 20
Years in the industry: 30
Areas Served: Greater Twin Cities Area,  Southern MN

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Primary Focus

Commercial Painting

Floor Coatings

Industrial Coatings