Dave Thomsen

Store Manager
Why do you like working for Hirshfield’s?
Even though Hirshfield’s is a corporation it is a small family run corporation who cares about it’s employees and we are people and not numbers and people stay at Hirshfield’s because we are cared about , taken care of and everybody knows everybody!
Tell us a little more about yourself:
I am a single father of two wonderful boys who I love to spend quality time with along with family and spending time at the family cabin.


Currently Managing the Following Locations:

Professional Experience

Years with Hirshfield’s: 17
Years in the industry: 21 
Areas Served: Blaine, MN


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Favorite Colors

0190 villiage crier

Village Crier

Color Number: 0190

  • LRV: 34
  • Color Family: Brown

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