Seasonal Design

Winter, spring, summer, fall – nature provides us with plenty of design inspiration all year long. From colors and textures, to proportions and scale, Mother Nature is the ultimate interior designer!


Here in Minnesota, I think we can all agree on what the official color of winter is – white! But you can add warmth to your winter-inspired room with luxurious fabrics and natural wood accents. Mirrored surfaces and crystal chandeliers make the white surfaces sparkle, like snow in the sun, making for a peaceful environment.

House Beautiful
House Beautiful


Bight colors and flowers are synonymous with spring, but when you are incorporating these elements into design try to look at them in a modern way. Do a bold pattern on your walls, then keep the rest of the design simple. Be thoughtful with your color choices, go for “pops” of color offset by clean neutrals for a sophisticated spring-time look.

Thibaut’s Serendipity collection


Summer is all about being easy-going and natural. Materials like grasscloth and bamboo are great, natural alternatives to paint or wallpaper. Bleached wood and distressed furniture make your room feel like it has been soaked in the sun all day.

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Bamboo Wallcovering


Fall gives us earthy, rich colors. From browns and golds to deep oranges and purples, you can’t help but feel cozy and warm in a room inspired by autumn! The rug in this space makes the floor look like it is covered in fallen leaves.

House Beautiful

What season inspires you?

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