Paints & Supplies

Paints & Supplies

Hirshfield’s has developed long lasting partnerships with the best vendors in the business — through our 125+ year history we’ve become one of the largest independent sources of professional paints and coatings products.  We’ve got coating solutions and expert product knowledge for virtually every application — why limit yourself to only one brand? Having access to a wide selection of manufacturers ensures you’ll have the best product available to meet the demands of your specific application. 

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With the right tools you can accomplish anything.  At Wooster Brush, the goal is to connect painters with the very best tools for any given project.

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Hirshfield’s carries the full line of Graco’s painting and texture products for both commercial and residential applications.

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The right prep makes all the difference in achieving professional-looking results. Hirshfield’s carries a wide variety of 3M product.

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Hirshfield’s is proud to be your local Festool dealer.  Festool specializes in making tools for carpentry, cabinetry, construction, painting prep, and remodeling.

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Founded in 1849 on the principles of quality and innovation, the Zinsser® brand is known for professional-quality, problem-solving products that make the job easy and get it done right.