Painting Ceilings

Most people opt for off white or ceiling white colors for their ceilings because they don’t want to have to paint them every time they change or refresh the wall colors. Ceiling white is usually a slightly tinted white with better hiding so you can do it in one coat. Also there are more products with a hue such as pink that when applied shows you where you missed spots then it disappears when the paint dries. Also there are more paint and primer combinations on the market that help with getting the job done in one coat.

We are seeing more people looking to add a dash of style or a bit of whimsy by painting the ceiling. We have seen massive buildings with mosaics and paintings on the ceiling that screamed luxury and excess. Even today most churches have some detail on the ceiling, especially if they are large and old.

Today’s trey ceilings beg for more than one color to highlight their depth. The colors do not have to be b bright or bold to achieve a dramatic effect.

Some ceiling heights and angles make it necessary to paint the ceiling so as to not define the walls from the ceiling, in this case the blue sky and clouds are perfect for a ceiling application.

A border applied to the ceiling is perfect for certain design styles and draws the eye up to the detail while enhancing the whole color scheme.

This is a panel I painted and then applied to the ceiling in my bathroom. It is 4’x6’ and sits above my Jacuzzi in an inset created by the ceiling joists. I refer to the room as my “cistern chapel” because my sense of humor made me do it. Do you have a ceiling in your home that begs for a unique color application or just a little color to give it an added appeal?

– Guest post from Pat Verlodt, president of Color Services & Associates, Inc

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