How to Paint Your Front Door

Front door painted in Vardo

Your front door is the first impression that many have when looking at your home. When standing on your front porch, what do visitors think when they ring your doorbell?

Benjamin Moore Hibiscus Yellow 357 | Benjamin Moore
You can make a statement by using a fun paint color on your door. Reds, blues, yellows, and greens are all colors that can be found in nature that also add a lot of character to an otherwise generic door. Here are some tips on how to paint your front door.

Making a Statement

The entrance of your home can also tell visitors what to anticipate when they step inside, so having a door that blends well with your interior design when it’s opened is sought after by homeowners, as well.

Front door painted in Vardo
Farrow & Ball Vardo | Photo: @jenniferloiselle

7 Step Painting Process

No matter what color you choose, Hirshfield’s can make it happen. We have thousands of color options to choose from, but picking the paint color is just the start. Here is an easy 7-step plan to make sure painting the front door of your home goes smoothly:
  1. You will first need to purchase the materials necessary for your project. Painter’s tape, a sponge, sandpaper, 1 quart of primer, and 1 quart of your paint of choice. Get a recommendation from our staff on the correct brush/roller cover selection. Don’t go cheap on your brush!
  2. Remove all of the hardware from the door, such as knobs or metal appliances, and completely cover any glass with painters tape.
  3. Clean the door with a wet sponge. Make sure to remove any dirt and buildup that may have accumulated on your door.
  4. Lightly sand the surface to prepare the door for primer and paint.
  5. Apply your primer to your door. If you paint your door without taking it off the hinges, start in the morning so it has time to dry. Check the weather, as high humidity will slow your drying time.
  6. Apply the paint color you have chosen by starting in the middle of your flat door and working your way out. Let dry, and repeat for a perfect finish. On a raised panel door paint the recessed areas of the panel, then roll or paint the panels. Paint one panel at a time.  Next paint the center stile and rail between the panels followed by the top rail section. Finish up by painting the two outside stiles and bottom rail. Let dry, and repeat for a perfect finish.
  7. Reapply hardware and remove painters tape, and voila! A beautiful, repainted door that will enhance curb appeal and create a wonderful first impression for visitors.
painting a raised panel door
Anatomy of a raised panel door | ©2007 Publications International, Ltd.


Whether you go bright and bold or take a more conservative approach, your front door is important. The first impression can leave a lasting impression, so take your time and get it right. And be sure to ask the experts at your local Hirshfield’s location in Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and North Dakota. We love to help with painting projects.


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