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Friday Finds: Be Inspired by Color in Your Home Office

With telecommuting on the rise and more Americans working from home, either for their workday schedule or in addition to their office hours, it’s time to take another look at the home office.

Ideally, your home office should be a place where you can settle in, focus on the work at hand, but also have aesthetics that you enjoy. When it comes to home office décor, you have amazing paint options that can add pizzazz and visual interest.

Wall color is Electric Blue 2061-40 by Benjamin Moore | Emily Ruddo Interior Design


According to an article from Forbes, your home office color can support your specific job. For example, using red as an accent color might be good for a person in sales because it gives a feeling of energy, blue for someone who aims to be calmer, and green if your job requires you to be creative.

Melissa Lenox Design home office
Melissa Lenox Design
Benjamin Moore Spring Mint
Bright and Bold Home Office/Studio
home office
Square Estate

When you’re trying to choose between paint colors, it can be hard to know where to start and what color might be right for you and your home. If you feel stumped there’s help available—Hirshfield’s has in-home paint color consultations that you can set up online and sample pints and quarts for purchase.

Your home office should be a place that supports your work life and your career. Make it your own space that supports you, your work and allows you a space you enjoy while you grow in your profession.

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