Hirshfield’s Top Five Color Picks for Summer

Summer officially arrives this week, with opening day being June 20! Some people may celebrate with picnics, pool parties or a leisurely boat ride, but here at Hirshfield’s you know we like to celebrate significant events with color! So in honor of the most eagerly anticipated season of the year, we bring you Hirshfield’s Top Five Color Picks for Summer!

1. Benjamin Moore 2034-10 Clover Green
Blues and grays have long held the title of most popular neutrals, but green has been steadily picking up speed. In a recent Friday Finds post, Green is the Colour, trend forecaster, Michelle Lamb, is quoted as saying, “…shades from Kelly and grass (incoming color) to mint (building momentum) and citron (established color), green was nipping at blue’s heels.”

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Benjamin Moore’s Clover Green definitely makes a statement – somehow exuding both whimsy and sophistication at the same time. Reminiscent of the color of lush, green grass in the summertime, or as one Hirshfield’s employee shared, the color of her favorite childhood swimsuit.

Use Clover green as an accent wall or furniture color. If you’re feeling extra bold, pair it with a pop of aqua!

2. Benjamin Moore 2071-20 Tropical Orange

Citrusy colors like tangerine, lemon and orange seem to embody the cool, laid-back feel of summer.  Benjamin Moore’s Tropical Orange brings a touch of warmth to this otherwise vibrant color.

Benjamin moore paint colors

This color pops against cool grays or warm neutrals, like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Timber Wolf or Pebble Rock. Maybe you can’t escape to an island somewhere to bask in a tropical sunset, but with Benjamin Moore’s Tropical Orange you can bring a bit of that sunset to you!

3. Benjamin Moore 2054-40 Blue Lagoon

There’s nothing like getting out on the water on a clear, sunny summer day. Benjamin Moore’s Blue Lagoon mirrors the calming color of the ocean, a swimming pool or a Minnesota lake!

Benjamin moore paint

This color is calm enough to serve as an all-over wall color, yet rich enough to serve as an accent color against a crisp white backdrop.

4. Hirshfield’s 0620 Star Studded

Continuing along the calming blue theme… our next pick for summer paint colors is Hirshfield’s Star Studded. This fresh, crisp color has a nautical feel to it – a re-emerging trend in interior design.

Hirshfield's paint

A recent article in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune said about nautical design, “… crisp blue and white, vintage accessories and whitewashed woods say beach, weekends away and good times.” In other words, this color says everything “summer!”

5. Hirshfield’s 1109 Party Time

To complete your nautical look, you’ll need just a few pops of red. Our go-to red for the summer is Hirshfield’s Party Time. Who doesn’t want to add a little “party” to their summer?

Hirshfield's paint*Colors may look different when viewed on a computer screen vs. when viewed in person.

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