Friday Finds: Busy Painting

the evidence of my last two weekends

This Friday’s find(s) is/are yet to be found. My time goeth before this Fall’s first rain in the Twin Cities. And The Shed my husband is working on this morning requires the finishing touches of my paint brush before tomorrow’s precipitation. (DECORATOR’S NOTE: We pre-finished all the plywood and trim pieces before construction with Hirshfield’s Platinum Exterior paint in the color Fenland.) Now I must find all those nail heads and give my shed the final coat. The afternoon will give the paint adequate time to build up enough protection prior to the rain on Saturday. Hopefully, I’ll also have time to slap a coat of paint on my already primed front door.

And speaking of Saturday rain, I must find my umbrella for the walk across the University of Minnesota campus to the Field House where the POTUS will appear for the 12:30 rally. Too bad for the rain and me. I know where Northrup is — but now I’ll have to find the Field House. After the umbrella and after the nails.

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