Friday Finds: Tips for Decorating with Organic Materials

Shiplap walls decorating with organic materials

One of this year’s big trends is decorating with organic materials. Our design team highlighted the combination of gold and glam with organic materials when they came back from High Point Market Week this spring, but what if you want to bring organic materials into your own home?

Here are 8 tips to help you add warm textures and earthy beauty to your decor — organically.

1. Use wood in unexpected places, like the bathroom:

Master Suite Remodel
Credit: Lee & Co Contractors
If the full wood wall feels a bit like a Scandinavian sauna, we understand. You could just go with the wood shelves that complement it:
Master Suite Remodel

2. Become a dream-weaver:

Credit: Sarah & Bendrix
The opportunities for incorporating woven plant textures are nearly endless. Baskets are an easy, timeless choice, but so are jute rugs. Contemporary wicker chairs are also seeing a rise in popularity.
And woven pendant lighting  is on-trend right now — in kitchens and dining rooms. The pendants can be made of jute, wicker, or rope.
Cotswold Style Residence
Credit: Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.

3. Wrap rope:

Westhampton Beach Playhouse
Credit: Chango & Co.

Once you pull your eyes away from the pineapple wallpaper in this dining room, you’ll see that nearly everything is wrapped in rope! Wrap your own lamp, table legs, or accessories in rope with hot glue for an inexpensive, beachy DIY project.

4. Give in to the shiplap trend:

Pittsboro Residence
Credit: Alys Design
Shiplap, a favorite of farmhouse-style designer Joanna Gaines, is an inexpensive pine paneling used in barns, sheds, and old homes. In this mudroom, the shiplap walls are painted white and accessorized with woven baskets, tote bags, and hats.

In fact, this photo is almost an I-Spy of natural materials. I spot a reclaimed wood mirror, clay pots, an old crate, a rattan table, a wood stool, and that floor…

5. Let your brick be naked:

Glover Park Classy Brick
Credit: The Ransom Company
Made from clay and shale, brick is a natural material, too. Whether painted, stained, or in the raw, brick’s beauty makes for a gorgeous focal point.

6. DIY your home accessories:

cotton rope baskets

cotton clothesline bowls
Cotton clothesline never looked so good or colorful. Customized a basket or set of mini bowls with these easy-to-follow tutorials from the crafty and creative Lia Griffith blog.

7. Clothe your room in grasscloth:

Jamaica Pond
Credit: Terrat Elms Interior Design

Grasscloth comes in many colors, like this oceanic teal! Ask one of our experts at Hirshfield’s if you’re interested in adding texture to your walls.

8. Bring nature right in:

Holiday Decorating: Celebrating an Australian Christmas outdoors
Credit: Jeni Lee
Here’s another I-Spy-Organic-Materials photo, this time featuring a whimsical tree branch. Plants and flowers have to be maintained or replaced, but don’t forget the natural and sculptural beauty of branches, driftwood, shells, and rocks when looking for ways to add organic materials to your decor.

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