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Window treatment drawing

How Does the Shop At Home Service Work?

Are you thinking about new draperies for your home and not sure where to start? Or, do you have a space that’s either hard to fit and hard to explain to a designer? You can always bring home samples and swatches, but with Hirshfield’s, you also have the option of bringing the whole shopping experience home. Finding the perfect fabric and design for your windows treatments is collaborative effort when you use our free in-home service with our Hirshfield’s Window Treatment Designers, but how does the Shop At Home service work?

Before (No Window Treatment)
Before (No Window Treatment)

We have access to more than 600 books of fabric samples and our designers have years of experience working with both soft and hard window treatments. Hirshfield’s Shop At Home associate, Dawn Feda, explains the service and shares a challenging project. 

How does the Shop at Home service work?

Designers schedule appointments to meet with clients at their home to measure their windows, show them samples and give suggestions – and then price out a quote for them. If the client decides to move forward with the order, our designers place the order, set up the install, and keep track of the order until installation.

Where does a person begin?

There are a couple ways to make an appointment. Clients may call into the Shop at Home office (651-366-6969) and schedule an appointment with a designer. If they are shopping at a Hirshfield’s store and decide they want an appointment, employees can fill out referral sheets and fax them into Shop at Home and we will contact them to schedule within 24 hours during normal business hours (8:00am-5:00pm, with the exception of weekend referrals, which our office will see that following Monday).

Window Treatment Idea Sketch
Window Treatment Idea Sketch

Tell us about a recent soft window treatment

The client had a challenging window and wanted a fabric treatment to fit the window in a unique way that could not be purchased as a ready made item through a store. The client was shown various fabrics and decided on the one she wanted. The designs were drafted out to scale and then reviewed by the customer for approval. Once the order is decided upon the customer will sign a purchase contract and normally put half the amount due down on the order and will pay the other half once product is installed and client is happy. 

What if I don’t know what I want?

If a client is unsure of what they are looking for or need suggestions, our designers help by specifically finding out what their needs are for their home (privacy, light blocking, heat protection, etc). After they narrow down what they need, the designers go through our products that would work for the client’s windows, and also what they think would look best coordinating with the rest of the house. If a client is looking for fabric treatments, our designers help by showing them fabric samples and styles to help them narrow down what they like.

After (Window Treatment)
After (Window Treatment)

What about price?

The designers will also give a quote on different products so the client has an idea of the pricing with current discounts/sales that may be available.

Can you do it all in one meeting?

Clients are not limited to one appointment. Often designers will meet with clients a few times before a final decision is made.

If you’re interested in the Shop at Home service, you can call to make an appointment or fill out an appointment request online. The following Hirshfield’s locations also offer Shop at Home:

  • Alexandria 320-762-7020
  • Baxter 218-515-6025
  • Rochester 507-285-9594
    Alicia and Terri
  • Fargo 701-373-0090

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