Friday Finds: Questions? Just Ask

aqua seafoam paint

suggestions for color to go with BM Pomegranate

Pashmina paint color which wallpaper to choose

is there formaldehyde in “touch of gray”

Hirshfield’s gray paint combos

 Maya Romanoff glass beads

window treatment cordless

Sikkens products for decks

Hirshfield’s platinum ceramic matte vs regal matte paint

decorating with pickled wood

Benjamin Moore and best selling mellow yellow white paint

anaglypta wallpaper backsplash

is the color zen retreat by Hirshfield’s a good color for a dining room

window treatments for nursery

Hirshfield’s paint sheens

what color is better for a basement apartment?

paint color for exercise room

what color complements the color Kalamata

which paints does Hirshfield’s sell

This is a list of search terms or queries people have used, which in turn, landed them on the Hirshfield’s Color Club blog. Hirshfield’s would have loved to respond to these queries but we weren’t given the opportunity.

 Is the color zen retreat by Hirshfield’s a good color for a dining room?

This search term brought the viewer to Hirshfield’s blog, but the only mention of Zen Retreat was in a “Colors Predictions For 2011″ post. The viewer found out Zen Retreat was Kathy’s go-to neutral, but nothing about dining rooms.

Aqua seafoam paint?

What’s the viewer trying to figure out with this search? Do you want to use this color in your bedroom? Bathroom? Is this a popular color? Hirshfield’s color experts would love to share their educated opinion on the topic of seafoam.

Dear Mr. H was old school Hirshfield’s

 All you have to do is ask. On the home page of the Hirshfield’s Color Club blog, left side of the page, is the category Ask Your Questions. This is where you ask, “what color complements the color Kalamata?”

Ask Your Questions also gives Hirshfield’s the opportunity to ask you additional questions. The more we know about your project the easier it is to suggest the best colors, ideas, or products.

Question away, Hirshfield’s experts want to share their vast knowledge. Use your real name or a fake name, your e-mail address will not appear on the screen.

Your style. Our expertise.

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