Friday Finds: October Color of the Month


Color of the Month: Glacier Bay H0054

Sophisticated, cool, clean and high-end looking. Today’s blue will add “pizzazz” to any room in your home and our Color of the Month for October is no exception. Meet “Glacier Bay” (H0054).

Historic Glacier Bay H0054 paint

You could say that “Glacier Bay” is “peaking” right now in the trend cycle. Look around and you’ll notice blue in a number of different settings – in fabrics and paint color as well as wallpaper and floors.


Kathy Basil from Hirshfield’s Design Center has noticed the trend with her clients, “Over the past six months or so, more and more designers are requesting blue fabrics and wallpaper.” Basil cautions that blue can be bold and depending on its use, a little can go a long way, and yet, “blue is a color loved by many.”

blue wallpaper Martha O'Hara
Martha O’Hara | Corey Gaffer Photography

Blue can make any room pop, whether it’s an accent point in the kitchen or a fun way to add color to a more traditional setting like a dining room set. Today’s blue is sophisticated and high-end looking. The beauty of blue is that there’s a shade of blue for everyone.

Martha O'Hara
Martha O’Hara | Corey Gaffer Photography


Scion Spirit & Soul Wallpaper
Spirit & Soul Wallpaper book from Scion


blue painted wall
Apartment Therapy – (Image credit: Lydia Brotherton)


Color Tip: Keep existing woodwork, furniture, or countertops in mind and choose paint color that will work with those elements already in place. Above, deep blue walls play nicely off the complementary orange tone of the wood furniture.

Kathy’s favorite way to use this bold color is layering it with many shades of blues! How about you? Are you ready to use Glacier Blue in your home?

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